86,400 seconds in a day

24 Hours in Santa Maria
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We are Group 2 and we decided to share a 24-hour look at our time in Santa Maria. Since every second counts, we counted every second !

630 seconds

Yesterday for lunch we ate rice salad with tuna and tomato.

330 seconds

And then we piled up our lunch plates before dessert.

255 seconds

We enjoyed a passion fruit (maracuja) mousse for dessert, spelled with two Ses because you always want seconds.

340 seconds

And again, we arranged our bowls in the sink.

5,733 seconds

Free time : we played soccer, truth or dare, cap ou pas cap, and handstands.

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10,083 seconds

For our afternoon activity we learned new recipes, divided into groups, peeled potatoes, boiled potatoes, grilled sausages, prepared yogurt cake batter, baked the cakes, mashed potatoes, and cleaned up. . That’s the last time we talk about cleaning. Promise.

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4,744 seconds

We had aperitifs : coke, Fanta and cookies. We played soccer, performed handstands, and played volleyball.

3,419 seconds

Daily telephone time : we get to use our phones for an hour to talk with our parents and play a few quick games.

2,071 seconds

Suppertime, served by our group since we made it !
The menu included grilled sausages, mashed potatoes and yogurt cake. Our CM2 friends said that it was delicious and they gave 5 stars.

399 seconds

Before free time, we took time to help sort the messy dishes.

6,196 seconds

Free time after dark : we sat around the fire telling stories while others were reading and some were screaming !

1,923 seconds

Bed time and lights out : time to tell horror stories in the dark like Bloody Mary, Cece, Annabelle, and Chucky.

11,111 seconds

Soundly sleeping. Zzzz

666 seconds

Someone whose name sounds like Malaika ran to the other girls’ house ! And yes, she got caught !

19,600 seconds

Everyone went back to sleep.

2,802 seconds

Wake up, eyes open : we went to other rooms to talk and showered.

1,358 seconds

Quick breakfast : milk, cereal, toast, Nesquick, jam, butter and cake

4,140 seconds

Free time : soccer, handstands

7,443 seconds

Our activity was kayak and Malaika almost flipped Zowe from the boat !

3,157 seconds

Free time : we played in the water and invented a new game called crab grab competition.

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That’s just one way to spend 86,400 seconds. Let’s do it again !!!