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"A unique education in Maputo"

The History of the French School of Maputo The school was founded in 1979 on the initiative of parents. Classes were given in the garage for SCAC (Cultural department of the French Embassy) and in various parents houses. With the purchase of an old Portuguese school in 1984, 65 students have been gathered on the same site in suitable premises. Only Kindergarten continued to operate in (...)

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Jeudi 7 fevrier 2019, Bilene jour 3 The dunes We went to the dunes with Esmeralda. We walked a very long path that was a 2 hour walk. When we arrived to the dune it was very large and hard to (...)


A walk on the dune Yesterday, we went on a long walk to a dune. The dogs followed us. When we got there it was super steep. It took us an hour to get up, then got to jump down. Boubacar got so (...)