Message de fin d’année

Ending the year

As I indicated in my previous communication, the period of distance education will not be subject to an institutional assessment of our students. The aim is not to penalize students who have not been able to benefit from the best conditions.
Nevertheless, teachers will write a general assessment for the past school year. School reports and report cards will be available online from 29 June on Pronote et Livreval. Printed documents will be available from the school secretary.
Teachers will also remain available for online meetings for parents who request them on Pronote or Toutemonannée.
I would particularly like to thank the entire community (teachers, parents, students) for their commitment during this difficult period. We have been able to meet the main challenges of teaching and ensuring the continuity of our school, despite the many difficulties and tensions that cannot be ignored.
In this totally new situation, we have tried our best, we have sometimes made mistakes, but we have managed to give what is essential to the students, your children...
Parents have discovered the profession of teachers and teachers have had to rely on parents: relationships will no longer be quite the same and we will have to think about new ways of communication.
We must also admit that despite all our efforts, what we can offer will never replace teaching with a teacher: no video conference will allow children to learn in the same way as they do in class.
Nevertheless, we have gained experience, we have experimented and we are now stronger to meet the challenges of the next school year:

- Individualizing teaching to overcome the fragilities associated with the closing period (integrating more digital tools as a means of differentiation).
- Communicating more effectively and more serenely between teachers and families.
- Reinforcing the digital skills of students, but also of teachers.
- Involving students more and strengthening peer relationships to compensate for the isolation due to the closure.
- Ensuring that students’ self-confidence and autonomy are strengthened throughout their journey.
Preparing for the future
During this last term, the students were able to develop new skills and their sense of autonomy, but they will also approach the next year with weaknesses that will require all the necessary attention.
The school has prepared and submitted a reopening plan which will be implemented as soon as the supervisory authorities have authorised the reopening of the school, which we now hope to achieve by September.
The reopening period will be a period of consolidation. The education officials at the AEFE and the Ministry of Education are preparing precise guidelines for teachers who are currently being trained in:
- Adaptation of curricula with a refocusing on fundamentals.
- Learning differentiation, with small support groups, mobilizing all of the school’s resources.
- Support and strengthening in French for non-French-speaking students entering CP.
- Personalized support and coaching for all students.
- Homework help, free of charge during extra-curricular activities.
- Promoting mutual help and solidarity among students.

I remain at your disposal.
See you soon,