"A unique education in Maputo"

The History of the French School of Maputo

The school was founded in 1979 on the initiative of parents. Classes were given in the garage for SCAC (Cultural department of the French Embassy) and in various parents houses.

With the purchase of an old Portuguese school in 1984, 65 students have been gathered on the same site in suitable premises. Only Kindergarten continued to operate in two huts on land donated by the Consul of France. The school was approved by the French Ministry of Education in 1989 for the primary grades. Thanks to a grant from the AEFE and its own funds, the Association of Pupils Parents constructed a building in 1993.

In 1997, the number of students increasing, new premises were rented at French Cultural Centre (Centro Cultural Franco Moçambicano – CCFM) for secondary school pupils. In 1999 land was given to the APE by the Mayor of Maputo. The new school was inaugurated in September 2002. In 2005, it became certified for Sixième (6th Grade) and Cinquième (7th Grade).

Since September 2009, the number of students at the French School of Maputo increased from 200 to more than 420 at the beginning of September 2012!

French School of Maputo nowadays

The French School of Maputo will welcome nearly 430 students in September 2013, from Kindergarten to the Final grade (Terminale S & ES).

In conformity with the programs or the French Ministry of Education, the teaching provided at the French School is approved by AEFE (, from Preschool to Quatriéme (equivalent to Grade 7).

The 37 students from Troisième (equivalent to Grade 9) to Final grade (Terminale S and ES) are taught remotely through the CNED (, under supervision by graduate teaching assistants. Since 2006, the EFM prepares candidates to the Bachelor’s degrees (S and ES) with 100% success rate (and 50% with honors in June 2010)! With nearly 40 different nationalities, the diversity of the French School of Maputo is a major asset in a globalized society. The development of language skills is at the heart of the school project. It fits our 2010-2013 program and is at the core of our aim for excellency.

Maintaining a friendly dimension in the school’s environment is complementary to the quality of the education provided.

To all future students’ parents, we reiterate the commitment of the teaching staff of the French School of Maputo: to lead each of our students to accomplish the best of his abilities and whenever possible to excellency.




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